Helping Anxious Children

21 Oct

Helping anxious children can be a big challenge for parents. Some children may not even know how to cope, but it's never too late to try to help your child. Read this article for some tips to get you started, .

First of all, don't give up trying to help your anxious child. All kids are nervous in different ways and at different times. Some are afraid of spiders under their bed. Some even fear of monsters under their bed.

However, 10% of anxious children actually have excessive worries and phobias - fears, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, or social anxiety - which can keep them locked away in their room or hold them back from fully enjoying childhood completely. For those children, the best help is prevention. To do that, you need to understand that anxiety is a very normal response to stress, and that the child has every right to be as nervous as they want, especially if the situation is new to them.

In fact, many anxiety sufferers have a low tolerance for anxiety. They can become very tense when faced with something like a new class, or an examination. However, they might not have a problem so much if the situation were something as mundane as getting a stuffed animal for Christmas. It all depends on how they are raised, and how they feel about the situation, so try not to get frustrated or angry.

Another thing to remember is that anxiety is often a sign of an underlying problem. If a child is having trouble in school, it could mean that he or she needs help with his or her behavior, because other problems are present - maybe bullying by peers, or a lack of guidance in general.

If you do find yourself unable to help your anxious child, there are many things you can do to help your child. Try not to be critical - just be patient and understanding, and you will find that your child will begin to settle down and trust you again. In time, your child may come to realize that the fear of monsters under his or her bed is just that - a fear, and that all he or she fears are imaginary.

To help your anxious child relax even further, try giving them some soothing aromatherapy oils. These have been shown to be quite effective in relaxing anxious children - as well as helping them overcome their fears. See this homepage for more insights on how to help your anxious child.

Don't give up trying to help your anxious child - you just may find that the effort pays off. !

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